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April 2nd 2014

It's National Poetry Month! Rejoice! Send us poetry if you want.

Additionally, this made Dusty happy.

March 26th 2014

Here are the standings for up to week five of our Game of Arms fantasy game. Looks like one of us is getting their ass handed to them handily.

There is finally a trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Finally.

Additionally, there was an announcement of a Tucker and Dale vs. Evil sequel. What can they do with this? The first one was extremely complete, and it doesn't seem like a sequel is needed. However, it warrants excitement if the hilarity of the first can be matched.

March 14th 2014

Indiana Comic Con has arrived. We will see you there. Additionally, we are going to start posting the results of our Game of Arms fantasy league. Here is what we have as of week three. Here is how we are scoring it. For a match win from one of our wrestlers, we score 5 points. Since they are also part of a team, any wrestler on that team will score us 5 additional points for a win as well. If the team with one of our wrestlers on it wins, it's another 15 points.

March 5th 2014

Indiana Comic Con is March 14 - 16 which means it's just right aroun the corner. Join us there!

February 20th 2014

The new episode has some pretty big audio issues. We are going to release it anyway. There are some changes on the horizon, especially concerning current audio quality. You can look for those starting to take place very soon.

February 13th 2014

In a month we will be attending our first major convention of the year. Indiana Comic Con will be here in Indy! It's the first major Comic Convention to ever grace our lovely city. Get your tickets so we can see you all there!

February 5th 2014

Join us for Black History Month! Let us educate you, as pseudo-experts in black history.

January 29th 2014

Psych! No Super Bowl picks for you. Okay, so we didn't fake you out, we just forgot to talk about it in all our Spaceballs excitement. Sorry. Keep listening to us though.

January 22nd 2014

Winter sucks. Stay tuned for our upcoming Super Bowl picks next week!

January 8th 2014

In this weeks episode, we pull out one from the 2013 vault. It's a lost episode from late in the year. Late enough, in fact, that we are referencing Christmas. It's just extra. Make sure you check it out in the Episodes section of the site. Make sure you keep up on our blogs this year as well. We will get a list posted as soon as possible to let everyone know what conventions we will be attending as well.

January 1st 2014

The Bus declares this the year of the Con. Look for us almost everywhere in 2014! Happy New Year!